Why do men play so many damn games?

Case in point this guy I know asks me out to the movies. When the time comes he asks to move it to the next week b/c he’s “got a lot going on”…whatever that means? “Okay” I tell him “but keep in mind my schedule is about to swell & next week is the last of my free time for awhile” (also my time is just as important). He confirms “okay so you’re definitely good for next week?” Yup.

Fast forward to this week. I told myself to not send out any reminders nor try and find out what day we’re going. Not trynna chase!(have done that so many times in the past). I was good with that which I set for myself. But now my phone is down for a few days…so I want to get a message to him…just in case he’s trynna reach me for this date. I email him to explain the situation and give him my availability this week. This is what I next hear “Okay thanks for letting me know. I’ll keep your availability in mind”. And that’s it. (insert blank-faced stare here).  Noooooooooooo mention of this date that’s supposed to transpire this week. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

I spoke to my older sister who’s so much wiser than me and she said that he’s being inconsiderate and that there’s some immaturity there and to ix-nay on this date & any other date. Keep him as an associate. “Thanks, but no thanks, you don’t have to keep my availability in mind”, I told him.

**Oh so I’m rude! Hi lovelies!! I always speak before I start tossing my words on the page! I’ts been awhile, as usual and so much has happened. I will try and catch you all up on everything soon. I’ve missed yall!**************************


Okay now getting back to this dude….there’s some background I have to explain. We’ve known of each other since we’ve been teens (both families know each other well and have often fellowshipped one with another). We recently was in the same place at the same time and it was good to chat and catch up on our individual lives. Neither one of us talked much to each other when we were younger…he was extremely shy and I was/is an introvert. So to witness and experience him all grown up and finding out he’s a chatterbox was surprising and nice! He felt the same of me.

So we’re chatting and laughing and getting acquainted. Next, he begins asking me out on dates and we go. The first few were awkward b/c well we were still kinda shy with each other in person more so than on the phone. Breaking that ice was a challenge! We both love music and are performers so that was a great conversation starter…and we just built off of that.

I’m gonna count like 4 times we went to the movies. And during this time of getting to be in his company, some things began to strike me about him and an attraction began. He was kind, considerate and had manners!!! quite rare in these times and in I’ll say in my world. He also was a natural comedian and yall know I love that!  WE would flirt with each other on the phone sometimes…remember I said WE…and it was cute and refreshing. Some talks would last until wee hours of the morning (were both nightbirds).


I gotta go for now…but I promise I’ll finish tomorrow! God willing!

LOVE YALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Prayer for the Children – Author Jaz

Please check out my poem “A Prayer for the Children” from my newest poetry book release “Serenading Flowers: A Book of Dedications”!


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A Prayer for the Children – Author Jaz

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About the Author: Meet Jaz

Hello my lovelies! My new poetry book “Serenading Flowers: A Book of Dedications” is finally here and available for purchase now! You’ve supported me throughout all my creative endeavors, even through subscribing and joining me in my journeys through this blog. I’d be honored and grateful for your support of this my life’s work in poetry! Thank you! I love you!



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In a Libra way

I kinda wish everyone communicated in a Libra way. It’s diplomatic, balanced & fair-minded. Trying to see things from all sides. A Libra responds instead of reacts…we take time to ponder & process(and that’s connected to my introversion as well). We consider our words & weigh the impact. We…work..hard…towards…harmony. And it baffles me when others don’t. 

Live. NOW.

Wow! 8 months since my pen last graced these pages(April 2016). I just read over my last entry (My Life Matters) and it brought me to tears! I cried for myself and for my journey. Watered my face w…

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My Life Matters

To imprison one’s own self is maddening and crippling to the soul. It is literally like standing there and continuously punching your own self in the gut.

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